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Salary Packaging

Make the most of your money

Australian tax laws make it possible for the Blood Service to offer you salary packaging, which can substantially increase your take-home pay. This works by allowing you to allocate a portion of your annual pay for personal expenses which is paid to you before tax. 

What you can salary package

General expenses (up to $16,050 of your pre-tax salary)

  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Personal loan repayments
  • Credit card repayments
  • Private health insurance payments
  • School tuition fees and child care fees.


Marcus has an annual salary of $55,000 excluding superannuation and has salary packaged his mortgage payments up to the $16,050 limit. This makes his taxable income $38,950. He is better off by $5,457 per year ($210 per fortnight).

Tax-free items (uncapped limit on top of general expenses)

  • Dine-in restaurant meals
  • Hotels and holiday accommodation
  • Function room hire
  • Income protection insurance
  • Work related self-education


Mary has an annual salary of $80,000 excluding superannuation. She has salary packaged her monthly credit card payments and child care fees up to the $16,050 limit, which reduces her taxable income to $63,950. In addition, Mary packages $15,000 for education, meals and accommodation, which reduces her taxable income further to $48,950. She is better off by over $10,557 per year ($406 per fortnight).


Please note: These are merely illustrative examples and we can’t give you financial advice. The amount of fortnightly benefit will depend on your base salary and tax band, so everyone is different. We recommend you seek independent financial advice so you know how salary packaging could work for you and the impact on your household’s cash-flow. We have partnered with an external provider to manage the salary packaging benefits.

Salary packaging is available to employees in accordance with government legislation which may be amended from time to time. If the legislation reduces salary packaging benefits or removes the ability to salary package, the Blood Service is not obliged to compensate an employee for the loss of this benefit.